Operates hydraulically


With the Lindemann Anode Crusher wear and tear of crushing tools and crusher zone lining are cut down to the barest minimum, as crushing of the anodes is done without impact or grinding effect.


  • Automatic sequence of crushing operations
  • Little dust formation
  • Number of strokes for crushing procedure can be adjusted according to requirements for the material to be processed
  • Finer or coarser final granulation can also be achieved by different designs of crushing tools and bottom grid outlets

Crushing without impact or grinding effect

In the crusher the anode butts or waste anodes are crushed between a fixed and an oil-hydraulically operated crusher platen. Both platens are equipped with special tools made of highly wear resistant material. The bottom of the crushing zone is built as a grid so that the crushed material can fall out in a continuous stream.

  1. Crushing zone is filled
  2. Forcing cyclinder with crusher stamp, crushes the anode butts between the crushing platens
  3. The material is accumulated in front of the fixed crusher platen
  4. The crusher platen is pushed back into the crushing zone and distributed by the middle part of the platen
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