Selective precrushing, recrushing of metal scrap with LindemannLindemann™ ZM series


The development of the Lindemann taCrush® means that even small metal shredders with drive power of 250 to 750 kW now have technical features that improve specific energy consumption, throughput, selective crushing, wear life and maintenance conditions. The features that are familiar with our larger machines can now also be found in our smaller ones.

  • Rotor lifting device

To facilitate access to the bottom parts of the machine, the rotor can be lifted together with the center part of the housing.

  • Hydraulic coarse part ejector

Solid pieces that cannot be crushed are discharged during the crushing process without interrupting the operating process.

  • Optimal double-grid / anvil combination (available for ZMF only)

This design helps to reduce power consumption while increasing throughput.

  •  Special material and air guide (available for ZMF only)



  • Efficiency

Due to their higher density, greater options for charging and reduced melting loss, broken turnings are a welcome feedstock for most melting processes. They are a cost-efficient alternative to expensive primary raw materials.

  • Handling & Transportation

 Our turnings crushers make it possible to economically recycle your turnings into a product that is easy to shovel, bunker and load, making it much cheaper to transport.

If it is not broken, do not replace it


Integration into one of our modular metal recycling plants allows aluminum scrap, electronic scrap and various types of steel scrap to be processed without retooling and without significant staffing requirements


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