Optimal use of high power


Nordberg® GP7™ process throughput is the result of constant feed opening combined with its steep cavity. The cavity and easily changeable stroke ensures high performance when using a power rating as high as 560 kW (750 hp). Long lasting liners, efficient adjustable stroke and large setting range bring optimal use of high power. The feed opening of 450 mm (18”) remains constant throughout the liners’ lifetime. The constant feed opening is one of the most significant benefits of this 62 tonne (138 000 lbs) cone crusher.

Safe to operate and maintain

Nordberg® GP7™ is safe and easy to operate and maintain. You can safely and easily access the limited number of service points. As with all Nordberg® GP Series™ cone crushers, Nordberg® GP7™ is delivered with all tools required for safe maintenance work. Process control is based on an advanced Metso IC automation that provides easy, safe, and trouble-free operation.

The most versatile secondary crusher

An optimized process helps you to achieve high capacity and top-end product quality. Nordberg® GP7™ has seven strokes available as standard. You can select suitable combination from the strokes and ensure perfect adaptability for your application.

Thanks to robust design, Nordberg® GP7™ adapts for varying feed conditions. Together with fast installation you get the most versatile secondary crusher in its size class. Nordberg® GP7™ cone crusher has exactly the same footprint as Symons 7’ which makes replacement of an old crusher very easily.


• High crushing performance on the secondary stage
• Built to crush the hardest feed
• Low operational costs
• Safe to operate and maintain

Nordberg® GP7™
Power 560 kW (750 HP)
Stroke 25, 28, 32, 36, 40, 45, 50 mm (1, 1 7/64, 1 ¼, 1 13/32, 1 9/16, 1 25/32, 2”)
Feed opening 450 mm (18”)
Weight 62 000 kg (138 000 lbs)

Nordberg® GP7™ cone crusher - English Download

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