Crusher efficiency and plant profitability


Nordberg® NP Series™ impact crushers are the solution when output and productivity demands are increasingly stringent, from quarry to industrial applications and from mining to recycling. It's easy to build your own crusher configuration -- by adding options for your application -- like a full hydraulic breaker plate adjustment setting, a third breaker plate or feed chute and belt guard. The Self Rotor Rotation system (SRR) is available across the NP range and is part of Metso's ongoing effort to innovate and find ways to enhance the quality, ease of use, and safety of its products. New NP automation (IC2000) controls the crusher operation and gives a perfect and complete overview of performance.

The different grades of steel and cast iron for the blow bars with the possibility for ceramic inserts make the NP Series impact crushers effective in numerous applications regardless to the material abrasiveness. 

NP Series impact crushers feature a unique blow-bar attachment system. Combined with perfect blow-bar alignment on the crossbeam contact faces, this reduces risks of breakage and makes it possible to push the use of cast iron for blow bars beyond conventional limits. The rotor with high inertia improves crushing reduction and provides stability in the process, reducing energy consumption and increasing long-term performance.


  • High end-product value
  • High plant availability
  • Adaptable for all applications
  • Ease of operation

Reduced plant operating costs

Metso's focus on customer success is clearly demonstrated in the product development of the NP Series impact crushers. We have been building impact crushers for 60 years, so we know that customers are looking for high performance to boost profitability. By combining the best technical solutions, our crushers provide a reliability that lets customers focus on their own operations.

Continuous collaboration with research laboratories results in state-of-the-art technical innovations in terms of durability of wear parts and reliability of mechanical components. Higher reduction with fewer crushing stages lowers your capital costs and saves energy. Mechanical reliability, and simplified process, easy machine operation, and easy and safe maintenance increase the global availability of the plant and profitability.

New secondary and tertiary impact crusher

Nordberg® NP15™ offers a steeper feed angle to increase material penetration and make the discharge curve less sensitive to blow bar wear and therefore more consistent over time. This innovative design is useful especially for HSIs in secondary and tertiary applications.

Metso innovates on NP15 with the new two part rear frame. The extra large opening of the new frame gives greater access to the breaker plates during wear part replacement. Metso developed a new breaker plate cassette design. This patented innovation consists of a removable assembly that allows changing the breaker plate liners in a safe condition, out of the crusher. The new maintenance bridge gives safe access to the rotor while changing blow bars, and also safe access to the highest side liners.

  Feed opening Maximum feed size Maximum installed power
1 320 x 1 225 mm (52" x 48" 1/4) 900 mm (35")  250 kW (350 hp) 
NP1415 1 540 x 1 320 mm (60 5/8" x 52")  1 000 mm (40")  315 kW (400 hp) 
NP1620 2 040 x 1 634 mm (80 1/4" x 64 1/4")  1 300 mm (51") 500 kW (700 hp)
NP2023 2 310 x 1 986 mm (91" x 78 1/4") 1 500 mm (59")  1 200 kW (1 600 hp) 
NP1110 1 020 x 820 mm (40 1/4" x 32 1/4") 600 mm (24") 200 kW (250 hp)
NP1520 2 040 x 995 mm (80 1/4" x 39 1/4") 700 mm (28") 500 kW (700 hp)
NP13 1 320 x 560 mm (52" x 22") 350 mm (14") 315 kW (400 hp)
NP15 1 540 x 600 mm (60 5/8" x 24") 400 mm (16") 355 kW (450 hp)
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