Barmac® B9100SE™ vertical shaft impact (VSI) crusher

Barmac® B9100SE™ vertical shaft impact (VSI) crusher

For stationary, portable and mobile crushing applications

Barmac® B9100SE™ vertical shaft impact (VSI) crusher is known for producing high-quality cubical end products. It is generally utilized at the last crushing stage when processing rocks, ores, and minerals. Thanks to low operating costs, Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI is commonly seen at crushing sites that produce aggregates, sand, material for heap leaching, or pre-grinding and finished industrial minerals products.


Excellent product quality

Homogenous cubical shape.

More uptime

Shorter maintenance breaks and longer wear life.

Quick to install and maintain

Minimal foundation requirements, maintenance lifting tools, and inspection door for rotor access.

Safe to operate

Special tools for rotor service and crusher top half lifting.


Barmac® B9100SE™ vertical shaft impact (VSI) crusher for precise size reduction with low operating costs

Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher is the largest model in Barmac® B Series™ VSI crushers family.

It is an excellent third or fourth stage reduction unit and has proven to be efficient in many demanding crushing operations in construction, industrial minerals, metallic minerals and waste recycling applications.

Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher is available as a stationary, portable or mobile crushing unit.   

Excellent product quality

Like other models in the same family, Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher uses rock-on-rock crushing process where the feed material is utilized to crush itself. This autogenous crushing process results in homogenous, cubical-shaped end products that have less moisture.

In addition to rock-on-rock crushing, Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher can be equipped with metallic anvils on request. In anvil solution the rock-on-rock cavity ring is replaced with an anvil ring, and the rocks are thrown against metal anvils instead of a rock bed. This improves reduction ratio and enables finer end products, but the downside is slightly higher wear costs since the anvils must be replaced from time to time.

More uptime

Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher is energy efficient. Especially when equipped with the traditional rock-on-rock cavity ring, the crushing process requires less energy since rocks also crush each other.   

In addition, wear rates tend to be lower, which extend the intervals between maintenance and service, resulting in increased uptime.

Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher with an anvil cavity ring calls for maintenance a little more often, but the benefit is more effective size reduction.   

Quick to install and maintain

Whenever service is required, Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher has been designed to be easy to maintain.

An automatic lubrication handles the daily greasing of the main shaft.

An access to rotor parts is easy via an inspection door. Maintenance lifting tools, such as a roof lifter and rotor service arm speed up servicing internal workings and rotor changes.

Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher has minimal foundation requirements due to the low static and dynamic forces in operation, which ensures easier installation.

Safe to operate

With Metso IC™ crusher automation, Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher can be connected to any plant automation system. This enables centralized control, allowing the operator safely to control and adjust Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher operating parameters according to production needs from a distance.

Anvil solution
Anvil solution

Barmac® B Series™ VSI crushers can be equipped with metallic anvils on request.

In anvil solution the rock-on-rock cavity ring is replaced with an anvil ring.

The anvil solution improves Barmac® VSI crushers’ reduction ratio and enables finer end products, but wear costs are slightly increased since the anvils must be replaced from time to time.   

Technical specifications

Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher's technical specifications

Orange rotor
Orange rotor

Orange rotor is by default in all new Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crushers.

The rotor is designed to add operational uptime by increasing wear part lifetime and speed up maintenance whenever service is required.

  • More wear material
  • Easily changeable wear parts
  • Minimized amount of components
  • Costly hard facing repairs are not needed
  • Fit to both new and old Barmac® VSI crushers

Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher’s benefits in different applications

Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crushers operate in aggregate and mineral processing installations around the world with an established track record of cost savings, durability and unmatched performance.

Aggregates production

Different quarries often utilize Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crushers since they can produce high quality cubical shaped aggregates that meet all major construction specifications. Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher is particularly successful in producing road-base, top dressing chip, concrete and asphalt aggregates. In these applications, Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher can be operated either in open or closed circuit, depending on the types of aggregates and the specifications required.

Manufactured sand production

Accurate shaping capabilities and acceptance of fines make Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher excellent for manufactured sand production. Rock-on-rock crushing ensure low operating costs, and whenever more reduction is needed, or the feed is coarse, the crusher can be equipped with metallic anvils. Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher’s speed is adjustable, so they can also produce very fine end products if required.

Industrial minerals production

With features such as controlled product grading, preferential crushing, low production costs and ability to produce finely graded products, Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher can optimize the performance of most industrial mineral processing installations.

In this sector, Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crushers are popular as cost-effective fine crushing equipment for the abrasive materials.

For example, the diamond mines have noticed that utilizing Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher simplifies the liberation of diamonds from gangue minerals. In addition, fine crushing cement clinker with Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher is gaining popularity since VSI crushers have proven their ability as cost-effective pre-grinders.

Metallic minerals production

In mining metallic minerals, Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher with high capacity and ability to produce finely graded products such as mill feed, sinter feed or material for heap leach operations, are ideal machines that can replace high-cost, inefficient crushing and milling equipment.

Adding Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher to an existing circuit can save considerably if a plant is looking for increasing production without replacing existing production equipment in a milling circuit.

Waste recycling

Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher can outperform many other equipment in recycling applications. These recycled materials can be waste aggregates or demolition waste, slags, or even glass and other waste products that can be processed and sold.

How others have improved profitability and reduced risks?
Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher spare parts and wear parts

Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher parts are a perfect fit

Original equipment replacement Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher parts ensure proper fit, form and function to reduce maintenance issues and increase longevity.

If your equipment fails, productivity of your entire plant is at risk. To avoid such losses, critical replacement parts are readily available when you need them.

Our global distribution logistics network ensure that Metso OEM spare and wear parts are available when you need them.

Metso has a complete offering, for both standard and engineered-to-order parts, ensuring you have the availability and support required. We provide flexible options to secure parts on a one-time basis, as a turn-key service, or anywhere in between.

Spare parts

  • Hopper body
  • Cascade cylinders
  • Feed tubes
  • Crushing chamber
  • Crusher base

Wear parts

  • Liner plates
  • Tip sets
  • Distributor plates
  • Wear plates
  • Anvils

Maximize your Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher’s efficiency, availability and longevity

Metso offers a full portfolio of services to ensure that you get the best out of your Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher and reach your production goals.

Maintenance and repairs

Proper maintenance is key to running your equipment effectively. Metso offers end-to-end service ranging from inspection and diagnostics, equipment and part repairs, shutdown solutions and planning, as well as emergency services.

Equipment upgrades and retrofits

Improve Barmac® B9100SE™ VSI crusher's productivity without having to buy a new machine. Our upgrades are offered as easy-to-implement packages aimed at enhancing safety, operating and maintenance features.

Process optimization and controls

Metso process experts help in solving complex operational issues using analytical techniques, laboratory testing, and advanced control systems. Whether you need to optimize a piece of equipment, a circuit, or your entire plant, we have the tools and technology to help you make it happen.

Life Cycle Services

Metso’s pre-packaged solutions are designed to assist you in meeting your business goals, from start-up to shutdown to end-of-life. We can support you on a specific activity or over a larger scope, combining elements from our large portfolio of services with unique commercial models.

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