Lokotrack® Urban™ Series mobile jaw crushers

Crushing and screening near populated areas

Lokotrack® Urban™ Series mobile jaw crushers are noise and dust encapsulated crushing machines that comply with stricter regulations and allow crushing and screening in cities, urban environments and other populated areas.

Low noise emissions

Cost-efficient on-site crushing

Easier to get crushing permits

Easy and safe to transport and operate

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Lokotrack® Urban™ Series unique noise encapsulation features cut up to 60% of crushing noise distance

Lokotrack® Urban™ Series mobile jaw crushers are equipped with noise and dust encapsulation features minimizing disturbance to people living and working close by. Track-mounted Lokotrack® Urban™ Series crushing plants are available in a wide range of configurations and capacities, including models with an integrated screen.

No more permit problems

Thanks to very low noise emissions and advanced dust suppression system, Lokotrack® Urban™ Series mobile crushers can be used near residential areas. The unique noise encapsulation features cut the crushing noise protection distance up to 60% compared to conventional crushing.

This allows you to run crushing operations in heavily regulated urban locations and bid for contracts that could not be completed with conventional crushing equipment.

Cost-effective crushing

By crushing on site, you can minimize or even eliminate the need to transport aggregates and waste materials to and from the site. Reducing back and forth truck traffic speeds up production, lowers costs and emissions, and improves profitability.

Excellent noise suppression also results in you crushing longer every day as the hourly limits on permits can be extended.

Easy transportation and maintenance

The noise and dust encapsulation features of Lokotrack® Urban™ Series mobile crushers are designed in such a way that they do not compromise the transport dimensions, ease of maintenance, or safe operation of the plant.

Optimized operation

With Metso IC™ process control system you can automate, monitor, control, and optimize the entire crushing process for better productivity, less downtime, and consistent end product quality.

We also offer Metso Metrics to provide critical insights on your crusher’s performance and maintenance needs, and Metso Cr™ to enable remote monitoring and control of the crushing process from the excavator cabin.

Significant savings

Noise regulations in city centers can restrict crushing with a conventional crusher and aggregate crushing needs to be done in another location.

The distance to a suitable crushing site can be as short as 1 km away from the construction site.

This means that the rocks or demolished waste needs to be transported for crushing for 1 km round trip along a public road. 

Lokotrack® Urban™ Series technical specifications

Swedish contractor Abbema chose Lokotrack® Urban LT106™ for crushing operations