Portable jaw crushers

Portable jaw crushers

Transportable wheel-mounted jaw crushing plants

Portable jaw crushers, or portable jaw crushing plants as they are also called, are wheel-mounted rock crushing machines designed for primary crushing applications. Efficient in crushing hard rock, soft rock, and recycled materials, portable crushers are easily transportable and commonly used in aggregates production, recycling applications or in mining operations.

Capacity and reliability

Designed and engineered with more than a century of crushing experience. Premium components and persistent quality testing.

Energy and environment

Easy to transport. Electric drive. Advanced dust and noise reduction.


Process starts and stops by pressing one button. Proper stairs and platforms. Finger protection and safety wires.

Easy to use and maintain

Real-time diagnostics and process optimization. Simple to maintain. Comprehensive service network to support.

Easily transportable Metso NW Series™ portable jaw crushers

Portable jaw crushers are wheel-mounted jaw crushing plants. Engineered for applications that require efficient primary crushing, portable jaw crushers are often used in aggregate production and recycling, as well as in mining operations.

Metso’s range of portable jaw crushers is knowns as NW Series™ portable jaw crushers that also includes  NW Rapid™ Series designed for fast delivery and quick set-up. They are suitable for processing hard rock, soft rock and recycled materials. The portable jaw crushers are equipped with a vibrating feeder, jaw crushing unit and a discharge conveyor on one chassis. They can be utilized both as stand-alone or in a multistage process.

Metso NW Series™ portable jaw crushers are build on proven, world-class Metso crusher and screening standard equipment and custom made with optional features. NW Rapid™ Series portable jaw crushers are standard products specially designed for fast delivery and set-up. A new NW Rapid™ Series plant can be set-up in only 3 months thanks to the pre-designed process layouts and flowsheets. Dismantling and setting up a plant takes only 24 hours due the hydraulic functions. The entire plant can also be delivered in three shipping containers before assembly.

All the portable jaw crushers are electrically driven, and the power comes from an external network or diesel generator. Thanks to the wheel-mounted frame, portable jaw crushers are easy to transport from one worksite to another by road. 

Efficient crushing

Portable jaw crushers are built around Nordberg® jaw crushing units that can handle various materials such as granite, basalt, gneiss and limestone, as well as recycled concrete.

The crushing unit is based on a revolutionary pinned and bolted, non-welded frame construction, providing excellent fatigue strength even in the toughest quarrying and mining applications.

Vibrating feeder for even and continuous material flow

Portable jaw crushers feature a vibrating feeder, which ensures even and continuous material flow.

Feed material smaller than the grizzly spacing goes through the grizzlies and bypasses the crushing unit. This enables increased capacity, prevents material from packing and reduces equipment wear. The feeder is available with grizzly spacing, steel cloth mesh size or rubber bottom options.

Portable jaw crushers can be equipped with either standard hopper walls, extended hopper walls, or additional feed hopper and standard walls. Due to different on-board feed hopper wall options, the crusher can be fed either with an excavator, wheel loader or dump truck.

On-board conveyors

Portable jaw crushers have integrated conveyors that discharge the scalped and crusher material further down the process.

Also, an optional side conveyor for removing fines from the feed material can be installed.

Optional features

NW Series portable jaw crushers are available with optional features such as hydraulic legs for adjusting the plant to the correct height, and feed hopper wall extensions. These optional features enable quick set-up before and after transportation. Hydraulic legs are a standard feature in NW Rapid Series portable jaw crushers. 

Portable jaw crushers can also be equipped with an optional magnetic separator that classifies metals from the crushed material and prevents metal entering the later crushing stages.

And optional rock breaker, in turn, breaks any oversized feed material before entering the jaw crushing unit. The rock breaker ensures steady material flow, improved productivity and reduced downtime.

Metso IC™ crusher automation for portable jaw crushers

Portable jaw crushers feature Metso IC™ crusher automation, a process control system ensuring more efficient and safer use of the crusher than manual control.

The automation system monitors, controls and optimizes the entire crushing process. In addition, it enables controlling the equipment from a remotely located control room. Metso IC™ crusher automation also allows the adjustment of the process without stopping it, leading to improved productivity and a reduction in unplanned downtime through preventive maintenance.

Safe and easy operation

Portable jaw crushers are safe and easy to operate and maintain. Features such as flywheel composite covers with spacious platforms and stairs provide safe access to key operation and maintenance points such as crusher belt and crusher settings.

Global expertise, local support

All NW Series™ and NW Rapid™ portable jaw crushers are supported by Metso’s global network of service professionals and optimization experts. A wide range of high-quality spare parts and wear parts can be delivered promptly and tailored for any specific process need. 

NW Rapid™ Series portable jaw crusher models

NW Series™ portable jaw crusher models

NW Rapid™ Series portable jaw crushers' technical specifications

NW Series™ portable jaw crushers' technical specifications

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