Metso FIT™ stations focus on speed and flexibility for quick installation

FIT™ Stations

Speed and flexibility for quick installation

Metso FIT™ Stations are focused on speed and flexibility that provide quick installations of complete plants. These stations reduced both delivery and erection time compared to similar crushing and screening plants.

Time savings

Reduced delivery and erection time

Multiple station configurations

Modular equipment configurations available


Wide range of solutions for many applications


Capacities ranging from 200 to 3,000 tons per hour

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Metso FIT™ Stations - Find your FIT

Metso FIT™ Stations are focused on flexibility and speed for quick installation with two solutions: Jaw stations and Recrushing stations. The capacities range from 200 up to 3,000 tons per hour and both can be used in unique applications with multiple equipment configurations showing the flexibility of the range.

Time savings

With the flexibility that comes with the FIT™ Stations range, the overall process of building the solution to FIT your operation's needs is faster than ever. Quick installation and more efficient project planning come from less time needed for feasibility studies, engineering and construction. This will reduce the CAPEX as well.

When comparing the FIT™ Stations to similar crushing and screening plants in mining, we have seen delivery time reduction by up to 25% and erection time reduction by up to 15%. This can cause significant changes to your plant for the better.

With both the Jaw and Recrushing station options most of the steel structure modules can be supplied in containers. Making delivery a quick and simple process. This also reduces the welding time needed on site for the steel structures.

Multiple equipment configurations

Proving the flexibility of the FIT™ Stations, the modular design allows to add some levels of customization when selecting your equipment. For instance, the Jaw stations has over 30 configurations alone depending on mining duty and your operational goals.

There is also flexibility in designing larger solutions while combining multiple stations. This concept can even be applied to combine FIT™ Stations and Foresight™ Stations, showing the flexibility of the stations overall.

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Recrushing stations

Metso Recrushing stations are best applied in secondary or tertiary stockpile recrushing applications. The Recrushing stations can handle capacities up to 750 tons per hour and have a lead time of 25 weeks. 

Metso Recrushing stations involve the historic HP Series™ cone crushers, specifically our HP400 and HP500 models. Conveyors are also included as part of the solution, and the station is also skid mounted.

Our Recrushing stations when placed as a supplementary plant for reprocessing plants will increase SAG mill capacity by up to 15%.

Metso FIT™ stations include the recrushing stations
Metso FIT™ Stations include Jaw stations
Jaw stations

The Metso Jaw stations has over 30 possible configurations, 25 weeks of lead time (FCA) and capacities up to 3,000 tons per hour. With the modular design this also allows for ease of maintenance.

The Metso Jaw stations utilize the proven performance of the Metso C120, C130, C150 or C160 jaw crushers. The configurations also involving our grizzly and apron feeders and grizzly scalpers.

There is also flexibility not only for the equipment selection, but also these stations can be designed as a stationary plant or skid mounted for some mobility.

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