Foresight™ stations

Foresight™ stations

Smart and autonomous for optimal production

Metso Foresight™ stations are focused on the use of Metso smart controls and equipment to create a fully connected solution providing optimal production levels.

Fully connected

Smart controls combined with proven equipment 

Top size control

Ability to handle and adapt station for maximum production

Multiple steel structure modules

Modular design steel structure components


Capacities from 1,000 to 6,000 tons per hour

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Metso Foresight™ stations - Optimal production

Metso Foresight™ stations help provide optimal production levels to mining operations. Using Metso proven smart controls and equipment in combination, this allows the fully connected plant to always be monitoring station conditions to ensure that no time or resources are wasted.

Smart controls

Metso Metrics provides analytical dashboards and can help with preventative maintenance. Our VisioRock technology is applied in 2 locations: the crusher and the screen. For the screen, this will help identify if there are any issues causing the screen to run at less-than-optimal levels. For the crusher, the VisioRock helps crusher adjustment for wear compensation and product size control. Level sensors monitor bin and crusher fill levels. While the Crusher variable frequency drive (VFD) is the dynamic crusher control.

Reliable equipment

The Foresight™ stations use Metso reliable and proven equipment to combine with the smart controls.

Our MF Series™ banana screen is used as a sclaping screen in this case and can easily handle large material volumes. A Belt feeder controls feed rate and is able to provide a consistent feed even with large volumes. Finally an MP Series™ cone crusher, which is best used in secondary or tertiary applications, has a high capacity and high crushing force and stroke to make sure the material is handled properly for optimal production. 

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Metso Foresight™ stations feature the MP cone station.
MP cone station

Our featured station for the Foresight™ stations range is the MP cone station. The MP cone station is a fully connected plant for capacities up to 6,000 tons per hour and offers a lead time of 40 weeks (FCA). 

This station also will reduce plant footprint due to the use of multiple pieces of equipment in a compact design and eliminates the need for other equipment downstream.

Applications include secondary or tertiary crushing, or can be used for direct feeding to a high pressure grinding roll (HPGR) or a SAG mill. 

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