Mastering the design and manufacture of indirect heat exchanger systems


Metso maintains the original engineering drawings, quality standards, and process design for all Holo-Flites® manufactured over the past sixty years.

  • Western Precipitation Holo-Flite®
  • Joy Manufacturing Holo-Flite®
  • Denver Holo-Flite®
  • Denver-Sala Holo-Flite®
  • Denver-Svedala Holo-Flite®
  • Svedala Holo-Flite®

Holo-Flite® Features

  • Particles are indirectly heated or cooled via the hollow flights, shaft, and trough
  • Heat transfer is achieved by using water, steam, or thermal oil
  • Heat transfer process can be easily controlled to achieve the best results
  • Extreme expansion and contraction of the screw  is easily handled by the Holo-Flites patented twin pad design that allows for successful operation up to 1,200 degree Celsius for product cooling

 Product system offering/ ancillary equipment offering

  • Standalone unit for heating, drying, cooler
  • Thermal fluid heating system
  • Wet scrubbing for off gas handling system
  • Dust collection for off gas handling system
  • Cooler water heat exchanger
  • Feed and takeaway systems
  • Rotary Air Locks
  • PLC/ HMI controls
  • Structural Steel
  • Commissioning & Process Audit services


  • Low power consumption
  • Mechanical simplicity
  • Continuous operation
  • Low maintenance
  • No operator required

Wide range of process applications

The Holo-Flite processor suits many applications including, but not limited to: 

  • Cooling calcium carbonate, iron oxides, fly ash/ incinerator ash, limestone
  • Drying alumina, carbon black, sodium, plastics, chloride, molybdenum, waste sludge and coal
  • Heating limestone filler, petroleum coke, petro-chemicals, sand

Continuous conveying

Particles are heated or cooled as they come into contact with the surfaces of the hollow flights, shaft(s) and trough.  The product is continuously conveyed by the rotating screws along the jacketed trough. 

Standard range of sizes and capacities for Holo-Flites
Screw diameter  7 inches to 36 inches
Length 12 ft to 28 ft long
Throughput range up to 50T/hr per unit
Heating heats material up to 500°F
Material moisture reduces a wide range of feed moisture content
Cooling accepts 1900°F
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