Designed to fit your application needs


Plentiful number of feeders operating worldwide scale, and a century of real world experience,  

8 different models of varying capacities, widths and lengths.  

Metso builds apron feeders that are the global standard in quality, durability, and reliability.

  • Heavy duty, robust design to handle heavy shock loads
  • Deep profile, cast manganese pans with integral sidewalls for bolting directly to track chain and wear pads for high impact loading
  • Fabricated/formed steel pans where impact is not a factor
  • Crawler tractor-type, pressure lubricated chain with seals used on all models; does not require re-lubrication
  • Sealed for life, tractor-type carrying and return rollers, and tail wheel arrangement
  • Variable speed mechanical or hydraulic drives
  • Drive sprockets are segmented, hardened steel cast alloy allowing change out without removing chain, pans, skirts or material on the feeder
  • Impact rails limit pan deflection under high impact conditions
  • Parts are readily available


Prevents choking of material feeding crushers and other equipment
Reclaims material at a uniform rate from hoppers, bins and stockpiles

  • Controlled feed rate
  • Incredibly reliable
  • Easily handles large, frozen or cohesive material
  • Low maintenance
  • Few spare parts
  • Nearly 100% maintenance free, sealed for life lubricated components.
    There are only 2 grease lube points at the head shaft bearing.

Application overview

Primary application:
Used to control the feed of +1500 mm X 0 run of mine materials to primary crushers or dump stations.

Secondary application:
Used under crushers, hoppers and bins to act as a buffer to downstream equipment and control surge of 300 mm X 0 material.

Tertiary application:
Typically utilized under silos and stockpiles to reclaim 250 mm X 0 materials from storage.

How it works

Apron feeders consist primarily of two (2) strands of endless tractor chain with either cast manganese or fabricated steel pans (flights) bolted to a common link of each strand.

The chains are driven by sprockets that are mounted to a head shaft.  The pans travel with the chain and articulate over the head sprockets to discharge material.

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