Belt feeders

Consistent feed rate for bulk material handling

Versatile applications

Mining, power generation, construction, pulp and paper, fertilizers, grain industry or anywhere materials handling is required.

Optimization options

Can be implemented in fixed circuits or fitted with wheels for easy transportation.

Safe to operate

Built according to strict safety standards, such as NRs, OSHA and MSHA.

Simplified maintenance

Easy to access. Abrasion resistant liners.

Belt feeders for efficient heavy-duty materials handling

Belt feeders can be applied to withdraw fines or wet materials under hoppers, bins or stock piles to provide the desired, continuous feed rate for screens, crushers, and conveyors.

Metso’s belt feeders offering consists of standard capacity Metso BF Series belt feeders and higher capacity models known as Metso BFH belt feeders.

Versatile applications

Developed according to strict safety standards and for easy maintenance, transport, and installation, Metso belt feeders are widely used in mining operations, power generation and construction applications, as well as pulp and paper plants, fertilizer plants, and in grain industry or anywhere bulk materials handling is required.

Optimization options

Available in standard capacity (BF Series) and high capacity models (BFH) models, Metso belt feeders can be implemented in fixed circuits or fitted with wheels for easy transportation. We also offer a wide range of additional features and services for these feeders to enable maximum efficiency of your operations.

Safe to operate

Metso belt feeders are built according to strict safety standards, such as NRs (Brazilian regulations) and OSHA and MSHA (United States regulations). They include an emergency stop as well as misalignment and under speed switches to ensure operator safety. Optional features can also be fitted to additionally improve overall safety.

Simplified maintenance

The rugged design and features such as an abrasion resistant liner help significantly increase service life. Additionally, components are easy to access, which simplifies the maintenance process so spare and wear parts can be quickly and easily replaced with minimal downtime.

Belt feeders' technical specifications

Belt width: From 24” up to 72”

Maximum capacity: 2628 t/h

Maximum speed: 0.3 m/s

Maximum lump size: 267 mm (10 1/2”)

Belt feeder slope: Horizontal

Feeding direction: One way 

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