Ease of maintenance, transport and installation


  • Heavy duty construction. Designed for rugged use.
  • Built according to strict safety standards, such as NRs (Brazilian regulations), OSHA and MSHA (United States regulations)
  • Can be fixed or movable (on wheels)
  • Skirtboard with abrasion resistant liner and regulating gate
  • Flat return idlers and rubber discs
  • Impact / carrying idlers flat for 24” and 30” belt widths and 20° picking from 36” up to 72” belt widths
  • Power transmission through electric motor and planetary gearbox, shaft mounted on the pulley with torque arm fixed on the structure
  • Polyester / Nylon conveyor belt
  • Primary cleaner and plow
  • Drive shaft and return pulley guards
  • Emergency stop, misalignment and under speed switches.


  • Ease of maintenance due to rugged design and features.
  • Flexible due to fixed or mobile
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to install
  • Long, extended life
  • Designed for maximum efficiency
  • Economical
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