Feeds and scalps (separates) in one operation


  • Incredibly reliable material handling unit designed primarily to handle wet, sticky materials where a separation is required
  • Jog reverse function if jamming should occur
  • Variable speed drives

Automatic lubrication system


  • Handles wet/sticky material without blinding or trapping material
  • Easily handles large, frozen or cohesive material
  • Controlled feed rate
  • Requires less headroom and thus less structure
  • Feeds at a uniform rate - even when wet
  • Does not generate dust, vibration or loud noise
  • Eliminates intermediate transfer point (from feeder to screen)
  • Requires less power and low maintenance

Process overview

  • May be fed by an Apron Feeder; or, depending on the application, may also be fed directly via trucks or loaders.
  • Occasionally used in secondary applications where feed material has already been crushed.

The wobbler feeder principle

Mine or quarry-run material is dumped on the elliptical bars. As the bars turn, fines, mud or dirt drop through the openings. Oversize or unwanted waste materials move forward in a rocking / roller motion. The opening between the bars remains constant as the bars rotate. Ribs on the bars reduce the amount of large elongated pieces of material from passing through.   

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