Filters offer maximum water recovery and reuse for example in mining operations.


Pressure filters and magnetic filters

Filters are used in the mineral processing circuit to separate solids from liquids. They enable recovering and reusing the water and facilitate materials handling because solids materials are often easier to store and transport. Metso's filter offering consists of pressure filters and magnetic filters.


Short technical time, increased pressure and increased number of chambers.


Able to filter all tough materials with minimal downtime.


Pressure filters reduce tailings with high water recovery and low moisture content of filter cakes.


Fully electromagenetic system with reduced noise and overall lowered risks.

Metso VPX™ filters.
Metso VPX™ filters

With substantial increase in total filtration volume as well as filtration area, Metso VPX™ pressure filters use an optimum plate design for quicker slurry filling and filtrate outlet.

These multi-action filters have the fastest opening and closing time (short technical time) that achieves highest capacity.

Metso VPX™ filters have been engineered from the ground up for an increased capacity providing up to 36m³ volume and a 1391m² filtration area. 

They are proven to be adaptive to handle any range of difficulty of material with up to 25 bars of operating pressure.

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Metso VPA filters.
Metso VPA filters

Metso VPA vertical plate pressure fiters are standard machines for dewatering of mineral concentrates. They were developed to offer high performance and high degree of automation but at a low total cost.

VPA means Vertical Plate Airblow and designates the filter which provides for compressed air dewatering of the filter cake.

Metso VPA filters normally have an operating pressure of 7-10 bar. Membranes are inflated with compressed air, and cycle time can often be as short as 6 minutes. 

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Metso HGMF® high gradient magnetic filters.
High gradient magnetic filters

Metso HGMF® high gradient magnetic filters remove iron and copper corrosion particles from boiler condensate with high efficiency. They are also used in cleaning for example oils and glycols from sub-micron iron particles.

These filters maintain their efficiency even during heavily contaminated flows and with varying flowrates.

Metso HGMF® filters provide magnetic fields up to 2T (20 000 Gauss). Stable levels of iron and copper concentrations is maintained also in large water circuits, such as 10,000 m3/h.

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