Metso offers economical solutions to dust particulate problems


  • High entry inlet
  • Advanced high pressure pulse valves for exceptional bag cleaning
  • Low velocity flow throughout the unit preserving bag life
  • Walk-in plenum for quick, easy bag maintenance without the need for tools
  • Ability to be utilized as a stand-alone dust collector or in line with an air classifier system


  • All welded sections to reduce installation costs and time
  • Abrasion resistant inlet partition plate and hopper plate
  • Heavy duty carbon steel construction rated at +/- 20” water gauge
  • Stainless steel construction also available

Smart Package

Fabric filters tend to be expensive to transport due to their significant volume.  The Smart Package is designed as an easily transportable solution that offers a simple, local manufacturing solution to customers requiring a fabric filter.

How it works

Dust laden air enters the high entry inlet impacting the target plate travelling downward and parallel to the partition plate.  The two, 90 degree changes force the heavy particles in the air stream to drop directly into the hopper.  The air stream carrying the fine particles are drawn vertically to the bags which are suspended from the tube sheet.  The fine particles are trapped on the outside of the bags, while the air stream continues into the walk-in plenum, to the fan.  Pulse valves with blow pipes are mounted above the tube sheet which purges to clean the bags and maintain a constant pressure drop.

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