Unique sparger technology


  • Finer bubble size and homogenous bubble size distribution
  • Increased carrying capacity 
  • Maximum particle-bubble contacts within the static mixers
  • Effective reagent activation from the mechanical operation of the pump


  • Improved recovery
  • Optimized grade
  • Increased throughput
  • Enhanced particle-bubble contact
  • No plugging
  • On-line replacement
  • Reduced wear and maintenance.
  • Unique sparger technology

Process overview

The Microcel™ sparger consists of in-line static mixers and a centrifugal pump. Tailings slurry is pumped from the base of the columnthrough the static mixers, where air and slurry are mixed under high-shear conditions to create the bubble dispersion.

As the air-slurry mixture passes throgh the stationary blades located inside the mixer, the air is sheared into very small bubbles by the intense agitation.

Fine uniform bubble dispersions, with bubble size typically ranging from 400 to 1200 microns, are generated by the sparger system. The bubble suspension is introduced near the column base, and bubbles rise throgh the column collection zone.

Size range

Microcel™ flotation columns are custom designed to fit your specific application and needs.

Diameter range from 0.3 meters to 6 meters.

Height from 7 meters to 15 meters.

Brochure Microcel Flotation Columns - English Download
Brochure Microsel Flotation Columns - Portuguese Download

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