The RCS™ flotation machine provides excellent air dispersion.


  • Good air dispersion produces fine even sized bubbles due to innovative impeller
  • Fast froth removal due to excellent launder design
  • Easy and fast start-up in full load after production break
  • Easy maintenance due to fully suspended mechanism
  • Automatic air and pulp level control
  • Internal dart valves minimize footprint requirements


  • Excellent metallurgical performance
  • Easy and fast installation
  • The DVTM mechanism is fully suspended from the cell superstructure and can be removed as a complete unit for routine maintenance
  • Wear parts can also be replaced within the flotation machine without removal of the mechanism.


RCS™ process overview

The DVTM (deep vane) mechanism impeller consists of a unique arrangement of vertical vanes with shaped lower edges and air dispersion shelf.
The mechanism design produces powerful radial slurry pumping to the cell wall and gives strong return flows to the underside of the impeller to minimize sanding. Additionally it is the only mechanism to give maximum slurry recirculation to the upper part of the impeller.
Vertical diffuser vanes promote these radial flow patterns and completely eliminate slurry rotation in the tank.

Flotation machines RCS™ performance

Recovery losses in the flotation circuit should be seen as a lost opportunity. Metso has extensive flotation circuit analysis capabilities. This includes the ability to characterize the operation of the cells in a flotation circuit using cell hydrodynamic and froth sensors, conduct and manage flotation circuit surveys, mass balance survey results, analyze mineral liberation data and develop models for flotation circuit simulation. These results can be analyzed to determine opportunities for improvement in flotation circuit performance.


New Boliden, Garpenberg Mine, Sweden

Capacity 2,5 Mt/y. Zn, Pb and Cu ore. Commissioned 2014

Installed flotation machines:

RCS 70  12 pcs Zn and PbCu Roughers ars

RCS 40  12 pcs Zn Cleaners and Cleaner Scavengers

RCS 20  3 pcs   Zn Cleaners

RCS 5    7 pcs  Cu Cleaners

RCS™ 300 in Cu flotation at Grupo Mexico Hayden Concentrator in Arizona USA

One RCS™ 300 machine installed as rougher producing a rougher concentrate with 20 % Cu and having about 65% recovery.

Plant capacity  25.000 tpd with 0,35% Cu in the feed.

Commissioned 2013

RCS™ Flotation machines Brochure - English Download
Technical Specification RCS™ 300 - English Download
Feed Forward for Flotation - English Download

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