Our limeslaking systems utilizes all your residual reaction value


Metso designs and manufactures Vertimill®, ball mills, and SRR mills for limestone grinding and lime slaking applications.

Our lime slaking systems are designed to grind the grit as part of the slurry. This total grinding process utilizes all residual reaction value, eliminates any grit disposal problems and decreases lime usage.



  • Superior lime slaker
  • Ultra fine, highly reactive product
  • No grit removal required
  • Simple one-step operation
  • Large capacity
  • High retention time
  • Minimal maintenance cost

Looking for VERTIMILL® lime slaker integration?

Our partner STT Enviro Corp Systems & Solutions has the right design for you.

STT Systems & Solutions' unparalleled experience at integrating the VERTIMILL® lime slaker into systems makes them the recommended partner for the job.

Visit http://www.systemsandsolutions.sttenvirocorp.com/ to learn more or to request a quote.

Picture showing Integrated STT Systems & Solutions VERTIMILL® Lime Slaking System

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