Delivering crushing efficiency and flexibility


High pressure grinding rolls are an energy efficient grinding solution, and now Metso has improved this technology even further. The HRC™, our innovative approach to HPGR technology, is like no other HPGR on the market.

Main features of the HRC™ HPGR are:

  • Patented anti-skewing Metso Arch-frame
  • Patented split shaft allows for quick replacement of wear components without machine disassembly
  •  Manganese tires work harden to provide a long wear life, optional white iron or tungsten carbide tires are also available for extremely abrasive applications
  • Metso DNA Automation platform monitors and controls operating parameters in one easy-to-use interface
  • Feed hopper with guide plates direct the feed into the crushing zone
  • Hydraulic cylinders can be adjusted to provide the optimal crushing force
  • Variable speed drive train suitable to run between 110% - 50% full speed


  • Flexible operating parameters – adjust speed and pressure to vary throughput and product size
  • Low operating costs – energy efficient operation and low wear rate of wear components
  • Improved Shape – product shape can be adjusted by changing feed size distribution
  • Fast change out of wear components – patented split shaft allows for tires to be replaced quickly without full machine diss-assembly
  • Simple installations – most installations can be completed in 5 days due low vibration and a skid mounted design

Process overview

HPGRs utilize two counter-rotating tires or rolls in order to effectively crush ore.  Hydraulic cylinders apply very high pressure to the system, causing inter-particle comminution as the feed travels between the two tires.

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