Excellent shape with low operating costs


Metso HRC8 is based on high-pressure grinding roll (HPGR) technology and is optimized for the demanding requirements of aggregates production. The patented Metso Arch frame differentiates from traditional HPGR equipment with its anti-skewing features. 

HRC8 provides an optimal crushing force with the use of adjustable hydraulic cylinders and variable speed. High-pressure rock-on-rock crushing enables long wear life of the manganese tires and energy-efficient operations. 

The patented split shaft allows for the tires to be replaced quickly, without full machine disassembly, making the changeout of wear components easy and effortless.


  • Excellent shape – HRC8 provides a perfectly cubical shape for concrete and asphalt
  • Adjustable gradation – Adjusts speed and pressure to vary throughput and product size
  • Less microfines – Produces more fines with less unwanted microfines
  • Low operating costs – Energy-efficient operation and low wear rate of wear components
  • Accepts difficult feed materials – Humidity, fine feed, hard rock
  • Easy installation – Easy to install and use thanks to compact dimensions and simple design
  • Environmentally friendly – Minimized noise and dust emissions

Process overview

HRC8 utilizes two counter-rotating tires or rolls to effectively crush aggregates. Hydraulic cylinders apply very high pressure to the system, causing inter-particle crushing as the feed travels between the two tires.

Metso HRC8™ high-pressure grinding rolls for manufactured sand - Brochure Download
HRC8 High Pressure Grinding Roll brochure - Chinese Download

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