Metso HGMS high gradient magnetic separators

Metso HGMS high gradient magnetic separators

Outstanding separation selectivity

Metso HGMS high gradient magnetic separators are designed to recover weakly magnetic material from non-magnetic matter and can be used for many applications including the processing of iron ores and rare earths. In addition to the strongly magnetic minerals of Fe, Co, and Ni, a vast number of weakly magnetic minerals, which are not normally treatable by ordinary magnetic separators, may be processed by high gradient magnetic separators.
Metso HGMS separators solve your magnetic separation problems.
Solving your separation problems

Metso HGMS separators are designed around a unique magnetic system with high capacity matrix material which together produces the required high magnetic field gradient to enable the capture of normally weakly magnetic or paramagnetic minerals.

High capacity

Due to the unique magnetic system, very large unit capacities can be provided. The HGMS separators are available in several sizes and magnetic ratings to suit each individual application.

Ease of operation

Designed to allow certain variations in feed conditions without need of manual adjustments. 

Low maintenance costs

The wear of other non-lined components like the matrix material, is extremely low due to the controlled pulp flow pattern.


As a lot of minerals are magnetic to some degree and others are associated with minerals that are ferromagnetic or paramagnetic, high gradient magnetic separation can often be used in separation processes where normally difficulties are experienced with other processes.

The paramagnetic minerals at the higher end of the list are normally easy to recover. Many low susceptibility minerals are associated with other minerals or have extra Fe in the crystals, and are hence often possible to separate.

  • Hematite recovery
  • Pyrrhotite extraction
  • Chromite fines recovery and / or upgrading
  • Ilmenite fines recovery
  • Wollastonite upgrading
  • Kyanite recovery
  • Apatite upgrading
  • Sulphide ore recovery and separation
Applications for Metso HGMS magnetic separators.
Technical description of Metso HGMS magnetic separators.
Technical description

The main unit consists of a heavy frame, one to three magnetic heads, and a matrix ring with matrix cassettes.

The magnet head(s) are open on two sides to allow the matrix ring to travel continuously through the same during operation. On top of each magnet head are feed and rinse water boxes mounted for feeding and rinsing the matrix by gravity through slots in the magnetic return steel.

The magnetic product is flushed away from the matrix at the flush station by means of low-pressure water and vacuum. Steel plates at top and bottom enclose the entire matrix ring. 

The matrix ring is divided into a number of compartments and each compartment is isolated by rubber lip seals on all sides on top and on bottom.

Cyclic or continuous?

The original HGMS operates in a cyclic process mode and is intended for removal of minor amounts of magnetic material from a larger quantity of feed material. The cyclic model is available in many sizes in various designs depending of feed particle size, flow rate etc.

The cyclic HGMS is a natural choice in many applications particularly when the amount of magnetics is low or the process is required to be isolated from the atmosphere due to temperature, pressure and chemical reactions or similar.

In addition to the cyclic models, Metso HGMS magnetic separators are also vailable as continuous versions.


Metso HGMS magnetic separators are available use either cycling or continuous process mode.
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