It is not always about the size


Traditionally the high cost and large structure of air separation systems has limited their use to a few special cases in nonferrous processing. Now you can improve your recovery and purity without installing cyclones, ductwork, baghouses, or big-horsepower fans. The Metso J-Box aspirator provides air separation with a small footprint and low cost. Its compact design allows easy integration into the process and directly above product bins


  • Small footprint
  • Low power requirement
  • No bag house
  • No emission points
  • No ducts
  • Useable as standalone unit, for batch cleaning of different products

Process your wire and shredder fluff effectively

The Metso J-box is used to clean wire, zorba, and zurik products. Reduced fluff in these products improves value, but with negligible loss in product weight. Another way to use the J-box is to reduce fluff and iron-laden fibers from the stream fed to induction sorters. Not only are there fewer “unintended targets”, but sensitivity can be increased when there are fewer iron-laden fibers to “trick” the induction sorter.

Smart solutions to improve your profitability

As the process material enters the machine, air is internally recirculated to lift the waste from the metal. On the other side of the machine, the waste drops out of a separate discharge, and the air returns to the job again. As a result, Metso J-box Aspirator cleans fiber and “fuzz” from the product increases its value, and makes an end product that is easier to sell.

unprocessed shredder fluff  Material wire

          Before                                    After

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J-Box Aspirator data table
Model Width (IN)

Capacity in Tons /H


Fan HP
J-Box 32 32 6 7.5
J-Box 48 48 9 10
J-Box 64 64 12 15
J-Box 80 80 15 20

This information is a general description and represents approximate values. It is not guaranteed and contains no warranties or assurances of any kind.

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