Efficient and accurate method for positioning barges


3 types of positioning systems

  • Two units opposed: most common and simple approach.
  • Double drum closed loop: used where rope travel ranges from 150 – 365 m (500 – 1200 ft.).
  • Single drum closed loop: used for shorter rope travel or closed loops up to 180 m (600 ft.).

Shackle and fairlead type sheaves, as well as take-up and breasting winches are commonly used in conjunction with this system.


  • Operates in concert with the unloader or loader providing quicker barge through-put.
  • Safe and accurate method for positioning barges.
  • Breasting systems hold barges securely in place during loading and unloading operations.
  • Positioning systems that stand up to the rigors of the river.

Process overview

Barge haul systems are used anywhere bulk solids or liquid materials are loaded or unloaded for barge transport, as well as at lock and dam installations.  

How it works

Brochure Railcar and Barge Handling - EN Download

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