Three different models: Varying speed capacity covers many applications


Wire rope car pullers are available in one-way and reversible models. They are adaptable to many special handling jobs including ladle cars, industrial cars, furnace hoods and doors, ships in dry-dock, shuttle conveyors and roll-off containers.

  • Style 969: One way car puller – generally used where individual or strings of 20 cars. 
  • Style 970: Single drum, reversible – generally used where cars must be moved or controlled in both directions along a level track.  Travel length is typically limited to 152 meters (500 ft.).
  • Style 1000: Double drum, reversible – designed for applications where a closed rope circuit is required. The double drum extends the permissible travel range to as much as 610 meters (2,000 ft.)


Where high inertial loads, frequent starts and stops or variable speed is required, special drive options such as hydrostatic drives, DC drives, AC inverter drives, and AC flux vector drives can be furnished.

  • Handle up to 25 railcars
  • Pull range from 1,678 - 18,145 kilogram-force (3,700 - 40,000 lbf)
  • Less labor intensive - can be controlled from a remote station
  • Closed loop system allows reversibility.

Brochure Railcar and Barge Handling - EN Download

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