Pyro processing systems


Metso has over one hundred years of experience is designing kilns of all types for the minerals industry, and have acquired pyro technology from the following companies:

  • Allis Chalmers
  • Kennedy Van Saun (KVS)
  • Stansteel
  • Pyrotherm
  • Armstrong Holland 
  • MPSI/ Hardinge
  • Jacobs Engineering (Furnace Group)
  • Kiln Flame Systems, Ltd. (KFS)


Metso Pyro has the following product offerings:

  • Rotary kilns for all types of minerals processing applications
  • Fluid bed calciners and coolers
  • Dryers and coolers
  • Indirect kiln systems
  • Iron ore pelletizing systems (grate kiln and straight grate)
  • Lime calcining systems
  • Lime hydration systems
  • Petroleum coke calciners
  • Waste processing systems
  • Special calcining equipment designed for special purpose 

Basic pyro processing

Metso Pyro has a complete line of pyro processing equipment that can be custom designed for special applications. The development of new products and the improvement of existing products and processes are Metso Pyro’s goal.  To achieve this goal, Metso operates the Pyro Research & Test Center (PRTC). The Pyro Research & Test Center is a fully-equipped facility with the capabilities to perform complex material and process testing and evaluations and simulate a complete pilot flow sheet. The Test Center is unique in its ability to generate a complete flow sheet with many different unit operations, which can be assembled to represent a commercial plant. In addition, Metso Minerals process engineers are involved in the test work from batch feasibility studies and interpretation of pilot plant results to commercial equipment sizing, design, supply, installation and start-up.


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