Automate, accelerate and simplify your unloading process


Metso custom configured dumpers are built for optimum fatigue life

  • Rotary (standard) dumpers
  • Multiple barrel configurations
  • Dumpers with bottom dump capability
  • Capable of handling a diverse range of dry bulk materials, Metso dumpers unload random cars, as well as unit trains of any length, style and car size.
  • Used for handling coal, coke, metallic ores, limestone, bauxite, phosphate, sulfur, wood chips, and many other bulk materials.


  • Standard rotary railcar dumper makes handling a wide variety of materials a rapid, automated process.
  • Multiple barrel dumper configurations dump 2, 3 or 4 railcars simultaneously to increase traditional unloading capacity.
  • Rotary dumpers with bottom dump capability are available in two configurations.
    • Simplified: dumps between rails
    • Full bottom: walkway covers are removed for full car width dumping outside the rails.

Metso dumpers can also be configured to accommodate hopper bottom truck-trailers.

How it works?

The train/railcar(s) is accurately positioned onto the dumper platen.  The remaining railcars in the string are held in place with a holding device.  As the dumper barrel rotates on the centreline axis of the railcar couplers, car clamps securely hold the railcar in place during rotation.  The material is unloaded into the hopper and is transported via a conveyor located under the hopper. The barrel rotates to its original position as the car clamps are raised. The next railcar(s) in the train is (are) indexed into position, and the cycle repeats.

Brochure - Railcar Dumpers (Wagon Tipplers) - English Download

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