High capacity, random railcar operation


  • With a section of the end rings omitted, the crescent dumper, sometimes referred to as C-frame, allows the positioner to move straight through the dumper barrel.
  • Dumper rotation is close to its own center of gravity providing faster duty cycles.
  • Crescent dumpers employ a high degree of automation, and provide local interface for the operator uncoupling and re-coupling the cars.
  • The crescent style dumper is commonly used with a tandem barrel configuration unloading two railcars at a time.


  • More efficient handling of random railcars; including the ability to eject the previously emptied car without any possibility of the two cars re-coupling.
  • Higher capacity in random train operations due to faster duty cycles. 
  • Saves time in uncoupling and re-coupling every railcar in the set when tandem barrel configurations are used.
  • More flexibility in handling varying sizes of railcars.

How it works

The crescent design dumper rotates the railcar near to its own center of gravity for discharge into a hopper below rail level.  The major advantage is that, with a section of end rings omitted, the railcar positioner is permitted to move through the dumper barrel, promoting a more efficient handling of random cars. 

Brochure Rotary Railcar dumpers & train positioners - English Download

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