Nolan HCM’s are used where cylinders are preferred over wire rope due to site conditions.


  • Cylinder propelled (double-acting)
  • Mounted to the outside of rail (on ties or concrete)
  • Pusher dogs push on truck frame (stow when not in use)
  • Single-directional, ± 15.24 cm (± 6”) spotting accuracy
  • 16 m (52’-6”) travel with standard 4-dog; other travel distances available
  • Adjusts automatically to cars of varying lengths
  • Standard duty HCM is rated for 20,400 kp (45,000 lbf.) pushing force
  • Heavy duty HCM is rated for 24,950 kp (55,000 lbf.) pushing force
  • Can handle up to 35 railcars on straight and level track


  • Good for gravity receiving operations
  • Excellent for flood loading
  • Eliminates manual labor
  • No wire rope
  • Installs in limited space
  • No excavation, concrete pads or costly preparations

Treadle operation

The treadle is used to adjust the indexer stroke to match varying lengths of railcars.

Brochure Railcar and Barge Handling - EN Download

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