Safe, fast and automatic train unloading


Track grade, curve and indexing speed are the most prominent factors influencing positioner system design.

Metso’s rack and pinion positioner handles:

  • Maximum train weights up to 31,000 tonnes (34,000 tons US)
  • Pulling forces up to 177 kilogram-force (390,000 lbf. US)
  • Hauling speed up to 0.75 m/s (2.5 ft/s US)


When combined with our railcar dumper, the complete system provides fast dependable train turnaround requiring only one operator.

  • Faster cycle times due to more accurate car spotting.  No rope stretch.
  • Additional drives can be added to the carriage in the future should trains with heavier railcars result in additional pulling force requirements.
  • Less foundation requirements by eliminating the off-board rope drive foundation.
  • The train positioner may work in conjunction with train holding devices, such as a holding arm, wheel clamps or wheel chocks. 

How it works?

Cartridge drives with pinions are fix-mounted on a traveling positioner frame.  Machined racks mounted to a secure longitudinal foundation between the positioner rails drive the unit along the rails.  A heavy duty positioner arm on the positioner frame interacts with the railcar couplers (drawbars) to accurately index the train into the proper position for railcar unloading.

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