High scalping capacity with proven reliability


Metso VG Series grizzly scalpers are suitable to any scalping application. They are a perfect match with the Metso primary crushers, Nordberg® C Series™ jaw crushers, and Nordberg® NP Series™ impact crushers. They have been designed for heavy duty operation and are also suitable for mining applications.


  • Proven reliability
  • High scalping capacity
  • Perfect match with Metso primary crushers
  • Options to meet special needs and to optimize the operational cost

Process overview

Metso VG Series grizzly scalpers are commonly utilized in the primary crushing stage to scalp the primary feed so that the fines bypass the primary crusher. This results in a higher overall capacity of the primary crushing stage.

Metso VG Series grizzly scalpers can be fed either by an apron feeder, a push-table feeder or a vibrating pan feeder. They are designed to take large lumps from blasting.

How it works

Metso VG Series grizzly scalpers use a strong linear motion to move forward the material. The mechanism is made of Metso’s unique Modular Vibrators (MV) being flange mounted to the mechanism beam. Each MV modular vibrator has eccentric counterweights creating the wanted stroke. To facilitate the servicing Metso offers exchange program for MV vibrators.

Metso VG Series grizzly scalpers are premium machines providing maximal availability.

The grizzly sections contribute in maximizing performance and decreasing the operational cost of the crushing process. Metso offers a large range of grizzly designs, even special ones to serve difficult applications.

Metso VG Series™
  W x L (m) Power (kW) Capacity (tph)
VG527-2V™ 1.3 x 2.7 15 500
VG540-3V™ 1.3 x 4.0 15 600
VG635-3V™ 1.6 x 3.5 22 750
VG645-3V™ 1.6 x 4.5 30 1 000
VG745-3V™ 1.8 x 4.5 30 1 200
VG860-4V™ 2.0 x 6.0 55 1 500
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