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Metso COMPACT FS™  mobile flat screens are horizontal elliptical motion screens. This screen is extremely compact to meet the best portability. Its triple shaft line generates a high-energy elliptical vibration.  The combination of horizontal decks + high acceleration + aggressive elliptical vibration provide a strong stratification of the bed depth so high screening accuracy.


  • High Portability
  • High accuracy
  • Proven reliability
  • Perfect match with Metso crushers

Process overview

Metso COMPACT FS™ horizontal screens are commonly processing secondary separations or fine separations. They are also the best performers for waste screening and for all other difficult applications. For instance when feed is made of flaky particles (pegging challenge) or being sticky (clogging challenge). On portable the Metso COMPACT FS™ horizontal screens is perfect match with Metso cone crusher in closed circuit.

How it works

The three shaft lines are synchronized by gears to generate a high-energy elliptical motion.  Each shaft line is made of MV modular vibrators (unique to market) being flange mounted to the side walls and connected by a cardan shaft. Each MV modular vibrator has eccentric counterweights creating the wanted stroke. To facilitate the servicing Metso offers exchange program of MV vibrators.

The side walls are weld free to accommodate the fatigue stress.

Metso COMPACT FS™ horizontal screens are premium screens providing the maximum availability. The screening panels are key elements to achieve the performance and to lower the operational cost.

The Metso screening panels are a perfect match to the Metso COMPACT FS™ horizontal screens and this way Metso can commit to the total performance (specification of the end products, panel lifetime).

Metso COMPACT FS™ horizontal screens
  Deck dimension Area
FS250-M Series 1 870 x 4 880 mm (6' x 16') 9 m² (96 ft²)
FS300-M Series 1 870 x 6 100 mm (6' x 20') 11 m² (120 ft²)
FS350-M Series 2 180 x 6 100 mm (7' x 20') 13 m² (140 ft²)
FS400-M Series 2 480  x 6 100 mm (8' x 20') 15 m² (160 ft²)

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