High reliability screening for portable and stationary solutions


Metso Compact CVB Series™ inclined screens with circular motion are one of the most versatile screening solutions providing high reliability. The compact design is optimized for both stationary and portable duties without sacrificing performance.

The Metso Compact CVB Series inclined screens are perfect choice for stationary plants when the application is not calling for special options, due to for example modular screening panels or when rock is not extremely abrasive, and when the objective is just to separate rock fractions in the most efficient and easiest way.

In portable applications, the set up time is crucial as the application and process are changing from location to location. The design of the Metso Compact CVB Series inclined screens includes features which enable it to be put into operation quickly. These features include fast and efficiency change in screening media, and the ability to adjust stroke and Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) parameters within a wide range to optimize performance quickly.


  • Easy to install, to commission, to operate
  • Proven reliability
  • Efficient performer
  • Design to perfectly fit with Metso crushers

Process overview

Metso Compact CVB Series mobile inclined screens are very versatile, and they are usually used in processing the coarsest separations to the finest ones.
The CVB-P Series™ screens are also recommended to be used in the primary applications with very coarse feed gradation.

How it works

Metso Compact CVB Series inclined screens are circular motion screens. The shaft line is positioned at the center of gravity resulting in a circular motion on all points of the screen. The particles are moved forward by the screen motion and by the gravity effect resulting from the screen angle. The travel speed of the material is even all along the decks.

The shaft line is made of Metso’s unique Modular Vibrators (MV) being flange mounted to the side walls and synchronized by a cardan shaft. Each MV modular vibrator includes two bearings providing very long bearing life. To facilitate the Servicing Metso offers Exchange Program of MV vibrators.
The side walls are weld-free to accommodate the fatigue stress.

The Metso Compact CVB Series screens are premium screens providing maximal uptime.


Metso Compact CVB Series™
  Deck dimension Area
CVB1540 Series™ 1 500 x 4 000 mm (5' x 13') 6 m² (65 ft²)
CVB1845 Series™ 1 800 x 4 500 mm (6' x 15') 8 m² (85 ft²)
CVB2050 Series™ 2 000 x 5 000 mm (6,5' x 16') 10 m² (107 ft²)
CVB2060 Series™ 2 000 x 6 000 mm (6.5' x 20') 12 m² (130 ft²)
CVB2062 Series™ 2 630 x 6 000 mm (8,6' x 20') 16 m² (172 ft²)
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