Dual drive - electronically synchronized


  • Self synchronized two shafts elliptical motion
  • High capacity banana shape
  • Side plates - completely huck-bolted assembly
  • V series vibrators
  • Oil or grease lubrication
  • Available in double deck models


  •  Elliptical motion provides non-binding, non-plugging performance
  • Self synchronized elliptical motion attained with no need for gears or timing belts
  • Optimize screen production and efficiency while in motion by an optional electronic synchronization device that provides the ability to adjust both stroke angle and speed while running
  • Global product support and application expertise with local dedicated experts

How it works?

The 1:3 ellipse ratio is generated by two lines of mechanisms positioned far from the screen gravity center, enabling self synchronism operation, eliminating the need of gears and timing belts.
With this unique feature, by electronic synchronization device, it is possible to adjust the stroke angle and speed with the machine in operation, optimizing the screening production and efficiency.

Unique benefit

The stroke angle is varied from the standard 45° to slow material flow.  This varying the stroke angle on a pre-arranged time interval dislodges any material from the media aperatures

Metso EF series vibrating screens - Leaflet EN Download
Brochure Crushing and Screening Solutions - English Download
Brochure Crushing and Screening Solutions - French Download
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