Compact, reliable and easy installation


The Metso NBS is a very compact, robust and reliable horizontal scrap shear. It is designed as one single unit that is easy to transport and install. Ideal for small scrap processors, remote jobsites or temporary demolition sites. This is a very versatile shear that can process miscellaneous material including sheet metal scrap, ELV auto bodies, skeletal scrap, rebar, pipe, profiles and selected HMS. All components, including the power and control units, are integrated within one single box design, small enough to be hoisted on a truck equipped with a hooklift. With the remote control and the full automatic processing mode of the shear, the operation does not require a dedicated machine operator. Also, in combination with its large hopper (optional), the shear can be fed continuously.


• Small space requirement for operation

• Economical automatic operation

• Production ranges up to 10 t/h (11 TPH)

• Continuous loading

• Replaceable wear plates in high wear areas.

• Automatic lubrication

• Electric or Diesel drive options

• Quick and easy transport and installation

• No permanent foundation required

• Hook lift system for truck transport

• Minimal installation time required on-site 

Operating principle

The material to processed is continuously fed into the feed hopper (A). The horizontally moving stepped compression unit functions as a combination of pusher and stamper. It supports the gravity based movement of the material down and forward to the shear blade while at the same time compresses the material and holds it against the front wall of the box during the cutting process (B).

Then a second hydraulic cylinder moves the horizontal shear blade under the compression ram forward. Blades mounted on the front of the shear blade and at the lower edge of the box front wall cut the material (C). With the continuing movement of the share blade the material is pushed out of the cutting chamber and the box (D).

Technical data N-Series Box Shear (NBS)
 Model  Units

NBS 416-15  FL24, 
75 kW (Diesel) 

NBS 416-15 FL24,
95 kW (Diesel)

Shearing force t/ 450/496 450/496
Stamper force t/ 160/176 160/176
Blade width mm/in 1 500/59.1 1 500/59.1
Drive capacity kW/hp 75/100 95/130
Hourly output, Shearing t/h/tph up to 8/9  up to 10/11
Feed opening width mm/in 1 500/59.1 1 500/59.1
Feed opening length mm/in 2 400/94.5 2 400/94.5
Machine dimensions width mm/in 2 600/102 2 600/102

Machine dimensions length

mm/in 5 600/220.5 5 600/220.5
Machine dimensions height mm/in 2 600/102.4 2 600/102.4
Machine weight t/ 34/37 35/39
Blade opening, max. height mm/in 420/16.5 420/16.5
Blade opening, width mm/in 1 500/59.1 1 500/59.1
Charge box, volume m3/ft3  4.2/148 4.2/148
Max. operating pressure bar/psi  320/4641 320/4641

This information is only a general description and represents approximate values. It is not guaranteed and contains no warranties or assurances of any kind. The performance data are strongly dependent on the type and composition of the input material, the feeding density as well as the qualification of the operator.

NBS Technical datasheet - English Download

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