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The NMS mobile shear/baler/loggers are versatile machines exclusively designed and developed for a wide range of applications such as shearing, baling and logging of a variety of HMS 2 and select HMS 1 metal scrap materials. The NMS Series ranges from shear forces of 450 tonne (495 Ton) to 700 tonne (770 Ton) and generally provides for high production rates. As fully mobile equipment, the NMS can be towed to any place where it is needed such as scrap yards, feeder yards, auto wrecking yards or demolition sites. This makes it the preferred machine for customers who have to operate on different sites or offer scrap processing as a service.

The Metso design stands for productivity and durability with no compromises on quality and reliability.
Both sides of the charge box articulate to enable fast and efficient compressing of the feed material to produce stable, compact logs or to increase the density of the sheared scrap. The easy to adjust guide system of the blade slide, in the very compact and robust shear frame, perfectly distributes the cutting forces to the shear frame structure to ensure a long operating life.

The NMS is equipped with a state-of-the-art PLC control system and is designed for operation using the standard radio remote control directly from the loader equipment. An optional control cabin is also available if desired. The operator can select different settings for shearing or logging/baling, including cutting length, and automatic or manual mode. The standard Diesel engine is a proven workhorse of the industry.


  • Shear/Baler/Logger functions
  • Wide true clamshell chargebox, both sides articulate
  • High chargebox side forces
  • High pusher forces
  • Robust design
  • Self-contained shear with hydraulic power unit and electrical controls on a trailer base.
  • Remote control
  • Optional control cabin
  • Superior bladeslide guidance
  • Replaceable liners in high wear areas
  • High efficiency hydraulics
  • Internet router for diagnostics

  • Diesel driven (electrical drive optional)
  • No foundation required
  • Sold, serviced and warranted by Metso
Technical data
 Model Units NMS 612-8 ML50 NMS 612-8 ML60
Shearing force t/ 600/660 600/660
Stamper force t/ 120/132 120/132
Wing force (each cylinder) t/ 240/264 240/264
Pusher force - shearing
Pusher force - bailing
t/ 120/132 120/132
Blade width mm/in 880/34.6 880/34.6
Drive capacity kW/hp 190/240 (Diesel) 190/240 (Diesel)
Hourly output, Shearing t/h/tph up to 13/13 up to 15/16.5
Hourly output, Baling t/h/tph up to 14/15 up to 16/17.5
Feed opening width mm/in  2.600/102.3   2.600/102.3 
Feed opening length mm/in 5.000/196.8 6.000/234
Machine dimensions width mm/in 2.500/98.4 2.500/98.4
Machine dimensions height mm/in 4.500/177 4.500/177
Machine weight t/ 55/60.5 60/66
Number of strokes 1/min 3 - 4 3 - 4
Charge box closed, width mm/inch 800/31.5 800/31.5
Charge box closed, height mm/inch  600/23.6 600/23.6
Max. operating pressure bar/psi 375/5400 375/5400
NMS Technical Datasheet - English Download
Brochure Metal Recycling Capability EN Download
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