The M&J PreShred 4000 meets special needs where incoming material is extremely varied


A shredder that doesn’t do too much damage but, nevertheless, does exactly what is required of it – in other words, it’s the perfect bag opener for light packing material.
The new bag opener has been designed to ensure that all bags are opened and that all recyclable materials retain their shape so that they can be sorted at a later stage. Due to the new collecting system, future material will inevitably have a more diverse composition, therefore, the feedstock must be more homogenized than before to prevent plant downtime caused by the material.


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Cutting table technology
The cutting table is equipped with two rotating shafts, each with 2x7 special knives and transverse counter knives with no middle bar. The transverse knives can be replaced as they have been mounted with bolts.


Trust in our experience
The first machine in this configuration was put into operation in 2013 and today, four and a half years later, it has run 12,000 hours with an average capacity of 30 ton/hour. In 2015, an old M&J PreShred 4000 stationary was refurbished to meet the demand for bag-opening. At that time, it had already been in operation for 26,000 hours. Now, in October 2017, it has reached over 40,000 hours, also with a capacity of 30 ton/
hour. Further installations have been – and are – realized continuously.
Calculated from knowledge and experience gained through thousands of operational hours, we can guarantee an opening rate of around 99%. Hard plastics and similar materials are shredded in such a way that they can later be sorted more efficiently. The capacity achieved with this machine is approximately 30 ton/hour.

Seeing is believing
To provide you with all the information and insight into the high-quality bag-opening cutting table and what it can do for your operation, we find that the best way is to arrange an on-site demonstration and test using our mobile unit operated by our skilled team. The aim is to provide you with a clear idea of the
performance and efficiency of our PreShredders, and to offer you a unique opportunity to validate these performance figures using your own material.

The best choice in all waste installations

Advanced waste and applications technology

Technical information
Overall dimension std without hopper (LxWxH)  mm 5536 x 2300 x 3500
Weight included std conveyor  ton 20.5-23.5
Power pack    
Electric motor kW 2x132 / 2x160 / 2x200
Electric control unit   PLC
Drive principle   Double hydrostatic transmission
Cutting table    
Number of shafts pc. 2
Rotating speed standard rpm 16-40
Number of knives pc. 6/8/9/10/12
Nunber of counter knives pc. 12/16/18/20/24
Cutting area mm 2420x2000
Weight ton 12.5-14.9
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