PreShredder on crawlers


  • Speed of the conveyor belt to be precisely adjusted to suit the waste being processed = to optimize your production
  • Ladder mounted at cutting table for easier service = safe access and time saved druring maintenance
  • Larger hopper = easiere and more efficient to operate
  • Easier to lubricate the conveyor bearings =  improves maintenance and results in a longer lifespan
  • Remote control = easy and  intuitive to use
  • More space in the power pack = saves time and money when service is done
  • User-friendly touch-screen = intuitive to use
  • Extremely aggressive knife design and open cutting table = improve production and lower costs for maintenance
  • Each cooling unit can be operated separately = energy saved
  • Operational in temperatures up to 45 degress C = no additional cooling
  • CAT C15, 540 HP = for fill the emmision standards in US and Europe
  • Crawlers are based on years' experience form designing Lokotracks = less downtime and reliable production


M&J PreShred 4000 features asynchronous bi-directional shredding technology, which reduces wear and keeps waste constantly, moving in a consistent flow. The Metso double hydrostatic drive is extremely reliable under heavy loads and shocks, and all knives and exposed cutting table components are made of Hardox 500 wearresistant steel for less wear and less downtime.

A central lubricating system is standard on all machines, and intelligent shredding routines automatically adapt to processed material characteristics.

M&J PreShred performs under the toughest conditions all around the world, and are commonly found in Waste Transfer stations, Landfills, Composting plants, Wood recycling plants, Waste recycling plants and Waste service providers.

Advanced technology

Throughput can be as high as 100 tons/hour, depending on the type of input, the number of knives specified for the cutting table, and the feed set-up. The interaction between the two knives rotating on these two shafts running asynchronously and in both directions ensures that the input material is constantly in motion, thus preventing bridging and providing maximum shredding capacity.

Great advantage

  • Open cutting table reduces wear to the bare minimum
  • Bi-directional shredding results in a consistent flow of shredded material onto down-stream conveyors
  • Asynchronous shredding keeps waste constantly moving, thus improving shredding efficiency
  • With our aggressive knife design, no pushing device is required
  • Central lubricating system is standard on all machines
  • Automatic reversal if knives encounter large or tough steel cement parts
  • Intelligent shredding routines automatically adapt to processed material characteristics. The PLC control system is equipped with six standard programs, including two that can be individually programmed
  • Hardox steel used in all parts of the cutting table exposed to wear
  • Bi-directional shredding with equal speed and torque reduces wear and improves capability and pre-shredder capacity
Technical specification
Overall dimensions with std hopper (LxWxH) mm 9392x2950x3505
Weight (total incl std conveyor) ton 35.0
Standard color RAL 7011, 9002
Loading height (with standard hopper) mm 3505
Cutting area mm 2420x2000
Power pack    
Diesel motor kW 403 CAT C15
Electric control unit   Danfoss PLUS+1
Drive principle   Double hydrostatic transmission
Standard belt conveyor (LxW) mm 10250x1200
Discharge height mm 3457
Cutting table    
Number of shaft   2
Rotating speed (standard / HDC) rpm 16-41 / 27-56
Number of knives   6/8/9/10/12
Number of counter knives   12/16/18/20/24
Cutting area (LxW) mm 2420x2000
Weight ton 12.5-14.9
Grain size    
6 knives   90% less than 450 mm
8 knives   90% less than 300 mm
9 knives   90% less than 250 mm
10 knives   90% less than 200 mm
12 knives   90% less than 125 mm
Capacity ton per hour    
Household waste ton Up to 100
Demolition wood ton Up to 70
Industrial waste ton Up to 35
Bulky waste ton Up to 50
PreShred diesel crawler (English) Download
PreShred diesel crawler (US) Download
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PreShred electric crawler (German) Download
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