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Fine-shredders are recycling machines that reduce waste materials to small homogenous grain size. Often used in refuse-derived fuel production, fine-shredders can also be utilized in other waste recycling applications, reducing various waste materials from municipal solid waste to sticky bitumen, fabrics and foams.

Versatile options

Both single rotor and two-rotor technologies.

Excellent performance 

Continuously adjustable rotor speed. Produce consistent output of 10 mm – 100 mm.

Safe and easy maintenance 

Convenient service accesses. Integrated immediate protection system minimizing damage.

Wide range of applications 

Ideal for producing refuse-derived fuel but can also process other types of waste.

Efficient M&J FineShred Series fine-shredders for waste recycling applications

Fine-shredders are reliable and efficient recycling machines that are designed to reduce the pre-processed waste to smaller size with precise and uniform shape. All fine-shredders are highly suitable for the refuse-derived fuel (RDF) production but can also process other recyclable materials effectively.

Metso’s fine-shredders range is known as M&J FineShred Series fine-shredders consisting of single rotor models and a two-rotor model, each with different specifications to meet your operational needs.

Versatile options

Both single rotor and two-rotor technologies generate very little heat, enabling them to run for a longer time and keep your operations profitable.

The single rotor models rely on a highly sensitive pusher to feed material into the rotor, which ensures that material is not forced into the machine, allowing operations run smoothly.

Two-rotor models work on a self-feeding principle, which is highly efficient due to the higher number of knives fitted on each rotor.

Excellent performance

Adaptable to smaller grain sizes, fine-shredders can produce a consistent output of 10 mm – 50 mm.

The innovative hydrostatic system in the hydraulic drive increases production of the highest output available. The self-centering and shock resistant knife holders are designed with a multi-edged rotor and cutting tolerance of 0.3 mm, resulting in an extremely fine shred. These features help reduce the heat on the screen, increasing uptime.

A continuously adjustable rotor speed also ensures optimal performance while processing different materials, and a variable cutting speed and screen selection provide your operations with excellent efficiency.

Safe and easy maintenance

The servicing and cleaning of knives and rotors is hassle-free process across all fine-shredders.

Safe and convenient access is provided via both sides of single-rotor models or through an opening in the middle on two-rotor models.

The inbuilt immediate protection system minimizes damage by detecting foreign materials such as iron and initiates a complete stop in just two seconds. This significantly reduces downtime caused by breakdowns and optimizes overall capacity performance.

All fine-shredder models produce minimal fine particles and dust emissions, making them safe to operate.

Wide range of applications

Fine-shredder are ideal for the production of RDF but can also provide value in the processing of other waste.

The two-rotor model can handle even challenging materials such as sticky bitumen, fabrics and foams.

The fine-shredders produce granules which can be transported by either screw or belt conveyors, providing you with more flexibility and making them an ideal partner for all recycling needs.

Single rotor fine-shredders

Two fine-shredder models, M&J FineShred 1550 and M&J FineShred 3550, are equipped with a single rotor. 

The multi-edged rotor has a patented knife system and it is fed by a pusher.

The sensitivity of the pusher ensures that the material is not forced onto the rotor reducing heat generation. 

A single rotor fine-shredder can process a wide range of different materials such as refuse derived fuel (RDF), hard plastics and PET in bales, rolls, bricks or loose. 

Double rotor fine-shredders

One fine-shredder model, M&J FineShred 6500, is equipped with two rotors. 

The self-feeding multi-edged rotors have a patented knife system that results in clean cut and minimized dust emissions. 

A double rotor fine-shredder can process a wide range of different materials such as refuse derived fuel (RDF), hard plastics and PET in bales, rolls, bricks or loose. 

M&J FineShred fine-shredders' technical specifications

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