M&J FineShred 6500 fine-shredder

M&J FineShred 6500 fine-shredder

Heavy-duty two-rotor fine-shredder for continuous material input

M&J FineShred 6500 is a robust fine-shredder used in waste recycling applications, especially in refuse-derived fuel (RDF) production. It can process challenging materials such as sticky bitumen, fabrics and foams. Suitable for heavy-duty operations, M&J FineShred 6500 has higher powered electrical motor, longer rotor length, and it comes fitted with more knives.

Wide range of applications

Compatible with many different materials and various recycling applications.

Designed for efficient performance

Large cutting area for increased capacity. Variable rotor speed for different materials processing.

Safe for operators  

Less fine particles and dust emissions generated. Reduced heat production.

Easy maintenance 

Resistant to wear. Simple service via a service hatch.

Robust M&J FineShred 6500 fine-shredder with uncompromising quality

Best suited for high volume materials processing, M&J FineShred 6500 can work continuously with minimal downtime requirements. The downtime is reduced due to excellent heat reduction and minimized material wind up in the self-feeding rotors. 

Wide range of applications

Thanks to the two-rotor design fitted with application-specific knives, M&J FineShred 6500 offers excellent operational flexibility. Its robust design and lack of heat generation make it a reliable solution for the processing of a variety of challenging materials.

M&J FineShred 6500 also produces granules which can be conveyed with either belt or screw conveyors, allowing for more flexibility in your operations.

Designed for efficient performance

M&J FineShred 6500 features a combination of adjustable rotor speed, variable cutting frequency and an optimal screen selection for higher efficiency. This ensures a regular flow of uniform material output of 10-100 mm.

Maximized output and reliable performance is also ensured by an adjustable pump with power control, an integrated shaft-mounted feed pump and a hydraulic motor.

Safe for operators

M&J FineShred 6500 produces minimal fine particles and dust emissions, making it safe to operate. Precise material cutting lowers the pressure on the screen, which significantly reduces heat production and malfunctions.

Easy maintenance

The cutting area in the fine-shredder is uniquely designed to minimize friction on the rotors, extending their operational lifetime.

M&J FineShred 6500 has a hydraulic drive that guarantees minimum wear and energy consumption while still producing top-quality RDF material.

For minimal downtime, the knives and knife holders are fastened, changed and serviced easily via a service hatch placed on the outside part of the machine.

Double rotor fine-shredder

One fine-shredder model, M&J FineShred 6500, is equipped with two rotors. 

The self-feeding multi-edged rotors have a patented knife system that results in clean cut and minimized dust emissions. 

A double rotor fine-shredder can process a wide range of different materials such as refuse derived fuel (RDF), hard plastics and PET in bales, rolls, bricks or loose. 

M&J FineShred 6500 fine-shredder's technical specifications

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