M&J K160-2HS pre-shredder

M&J K160-2HS pre-shredder

Compact waste shredder with unbeatable uptime

M&J K160-2HS pre-shredder is a versatile shredding machine used especially in waste recycling applications. It can process various waste types from municipal solid waste to industrial, commercial or bulky waste.

Superior performance 

Patented knife assembly. Unique bi-directional shredding system, both synchronous and asynchronous, with two shafts.

Improved capacity

Various knife types available for processing any type of waste.

Unbeatable uptime 

Easily accessible construction. Modular design ensuring that only relevant components need to be maintained.

Versatile applications  

Can handle changes in waste streams without compromising capacity or performance.

Improve end product quality with M&J K160-2HS pre-shredder

M&J K160-2HS pre-shredder is the smallest model in the M&J K-Series pre-shredders family. It is a versatile waste shredding machine suitable for processing for example municipal solid waste (MSW), commercial and industrial waste (C&I waste), construction and demolition waste (C&D waste), green waste, wood and other bulky waste.

Superior performance

Designed to meet the highest industry standards, the robust M&J K160-2HS pre-shredder is equipped with a unique bi-directional shredding system – both synchronous and asynchronous. This, paired with a patented knife assembly, allows for an easier material grabbing from different angles, ensuring increased overall performance.

Improved capacity

Operational requirements are accurately met by a variety of different knife types available. Choosing the right type for your waste application maximizes capacity ranges.

Higher waste output is ensured by the unique bi-directional shredding system which allows for higher feed processing speeds and optimal performance.

Unbeatable uptime

M&J K160-2HS pre-shredder is engineered for even the most challenging materials. Featuring an intelligent cutting table design, the pre-shredder requires less pre-sorting and provides stable production with a very low risk of breakdowns.

Excellent uptime, quicker maintenance and reduced service costs are guaranteed by the robust and easily accessible construction. The modular design ensures that only relevant components need to be maintained, significantly increasing their average lifetime.

Bridging, stops and cleaning time are also reduced by improved shaft geometry which lowers the risk of wrapping around the shafts.

Versatile applications

The high-quality build and the option for application-specific customized components make the M&J K160-2HS pre-shredder suitable for a range of different activities. It can handle changes in waste streams without compromising capacity or performance.

Compact M&J K-Series pre-shredders

M&J K-Series pre-shredders can shred almost any type of waste.

They are compact in size, adjustable for changes in material streams and offer outstanding end product quality. 

  • Less wrapping around the shafts
  • Less piling and bridging 
  • Processed material is distributed evenly over the conveyor belt
  • Allowing unshreddable particles to pass through
  • Easy to access and maintain
How does a cutting table work?

A cutting table is in the heart of a waste shredder. M&J K-Series pre-shredders have an open cutting table equipped with a shaft or two shafts with an aggressive knife design.

Thanks to the cutting table design, M&J K-Series pre-shredders are resistant to wear caused by hard materials such as solid steel, reinforced concrete, and rocks.

Durability is a notable benefit especially when dealing with mixed and challenging materials.

M&J K160-2HS pre-shredder's technical specifications

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