Mobile pre-shredders

Mobile pre-shredders

Track-mounted and wheel-mounted waste shredders

Mobile pre-shredders are easily transportable waste processing machines utilized most often in waste recycling applications such as in transfer stations, landfills, composting and recycling stations. They can process many types of waste from municipal solid waste, industrial and commercial waste to bulky waste.

Excellent uptime

An open cutting table. Bi-directional shredding system. Wear resistant materials. Easy maintenance.

Intelligent performance 

Self-feeding. No need for a pusher. Readjusts according to the feed material.

Advanced design

Large cutting table. Aggressive heavy-duty knife assembly. Designed to need less energy to operate.


Easy to transport. Can be tailored and adjusted to produce the required grain size of any solid waste material.

M&J PreShred Series mobile pre-shredders

Mobile pre-shredders are designed to reliably reduce the size of all types of solid waste.

Metso’s mobile waste shredder range is known as M&J PreShred Series mobile pre-shredders. As their stationary counterparts, mobile pre-shredders produce homogenous, uniformly shaped end products, which improve the efficiency of sorting, utilization or transportation of various waste materials.

Depending on the model, mobile pre-shredders are built either on crawlers or on a trailer. Thanks to the construction, mobile pre-shredders are easy to move at a production site or transport between sites.

Excellent uptime 

M&J PreShredder Series mobile pre-shredders feature an open cutting table allowing stones and other hard particles, like metals, to fall through the cutting area. The open cutting table design and bi-directional shredding system increase safety and reduce risk of malfunctions that hinder operations.

The knives and wear-exposed parts are made from wear resistant steel, ensuring continuous and long-lasting performance. Bolts and bearings are conveniently mounted away from the cutting area, allowing for easy access and maintenance to reduce costly downtime. 

Intelligent performance

M&J PreShredder Series mobile pre-shredders have a bi-directional knife assembly which runs both clockwise and counterclockwise with equal speed and torque. This feature allows changing the rotation direction when challenging materials are encountered, enabling self-feeding and eliminating the need for a pusher.

Mobile pre-shredders are equipped an intelligent control unit that automatically adjusts shredding routines to processed material characteristics. The control unit has 6 standard programs and 2 custom programs, which permit the creation of tailored shredding routines for maximized performance.

Advanced design

All the mobile pre-shredder models have a large cutting table and an aggressive heavy-duty knife assembly.

The robust frame is designed to require less power to operate, minimizing energy consumption without sacrificing output.


Mobile pre-shredders are flexible shredding machines. When required, they can easily be moved or transported to another location.

Furthermore, mobile pre-shredders have many assembly options, ranging from different knife shapes to the number of knives. These options enable tailoring and adjusting your mobile pre-shredder to produce the needed grain size of any solid waste material.

Flexible waste processing

M&J PreShredder Series mobile pre-shredders utilize the same shreddig technology as the stationary pre-shredders. 

Different models are either track-mounted (on crawlers) or wheel-mounted (on trailer). 

Mobile pre-shredders as as efficient as stationary ones, but thanks to the undercarriage, they are easily transportable at a production site or between sites.

M&J PreShred Series mobile pre-shredder models

M&J PreShred Series mobile pre-shredders' technical specifications

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