Tough, general purpose slurry pumps


The STHM slurry pumps are also available with alternative impeller designs which allow optimum adaption to different media - from heavy suspensions to clean liquids.

Vortex or channel impeller

  • Vortex impeller for heavy suspension and liquid/gas mixture. Channel impeller for light suspensions and clean liquids.

V-belt drive

  • This permits alteration of the pump’s performance without opening the pump.

Bearing assembly

  • Cartridge type with grease lubricated roller bearings designed for more than 60 000 operating hours.

Shaft seal

  • Standard stuffing box with seal water. Optional mechanical seals.

Pumping parts

  • Standard pumping parts in cast iron, stainless steel, high chrome and some sizes in polyurethane or rubber lined. Other materials are available upon request.

Motor bed plate

  • Overhead motor bed plate gives compact installation with extra motor protection and simple belt tensioning.

Vortex impeller

  • The vortex impeller is recessed in the back of the pump casing, giving a free passage through the casing. The pump can normally pump anything that can pass through the connecting pipes


The proven low attrition of pumped particles has made it the industrial standard for carbon transfer in gold leaching processes.

STHM horizontal pump

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