Best performance and lowest cost


Whether Hull, Deck, Underwater, or Booster mounting; Metso can configure the pump and bearings to suit your specific application and provide you with the best performance and lowest cost of operation. The rugged wet-end parts are designed to feature extra heavy metal sections at points of extreme wear, the extra weight pays off in performance and low maintenance cost.

Standard features:

  • Optional rotation – Right or left hand rotation
  • Optional discharge positions
  • Suction adapter with clean out
  • Three and four vane impellers available
  • Amor-lok seal on the side liners for metal to metal fit
  • Knock out ring for easy impeller removal
  • Over size bearings and shaft for longer life




  • Most efficient volute and impeller designs
  • Speed and power to suit your service conditions
  • Maximum size and percentage of solids
  • Minimal repairs and downtime
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Equipped with Suction Clean-out for easy access to inspect pump

Thomas Simplicity dredge pump design

  • Only four wear parts for easy maintenance
  • Extra heavy metal sections for longer wear life and reduced costs.
  • Flow rates from 100 to 11 000 m3/h - 440 to 48,400 usgpm
  • Heads up to 75M - 250 ft.
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