Optimizing life cycle performance and efficiency for slurry pumping


Vertical pumps from Metso not only provide excellent wear life properties, but they are an industry standard for integrated pump design. Our innovative product design and widely configurable range of products help our customers reduce costs, while operating efficiently to further cut operating costs.

  • Rubber and metal design options
  • Flexible layout in one integrated unit
  • Various "Wet End" options



  • Fully interchangeable wear parts
  • Innovative cantilever design protects bearings and shaft seals from submersion
  • Low speed and high head capability
  • Reduce pulsation and vibration

The Metso range of vertical pumps are the toughest and most reliable on the market. They are ideal for

  • Floor sump pumping
  • Mill scale pumping
  • Pumping of machine tool cuttings
  • Wood chip pumping
  • Material mixing and distribution
  • Air entrained slurries
  • Mixed concrete and grouting

Metso vertical pumps are highly configurable

Metso vertical pumps are highly configurable and designed to reduce maintenance and operating costs. We offer impeller and agitator options, fully interchangeable wear parts and specialized materials of construction that keep the flow moving smoothly.

Metso slurry pump program - English Download

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