Tough, general purpose slurry pumps


The ”cloggless” performance of the induced flow impellers also makes this product range ideal for all applications where large or long, stringy solids will be handled.
Vertical wet pit design for pulpy solids and corrosives. With single suction and no shaft sealing the STGVA pump offers outstanding design features.


Cantilever design
The heavy duty pump shaft moves freely under the bearing housing. There are no journal bearings below the liquid level to maintain. The pump has no stuffing box and thus does not require sealing water.

Hydraulic parts are available from stock in cast iron and stainless steel and high chrome. Some sizes are also available with rubber lined or polyurethane wear parts. The pump frame assemblies below the base plate are available in carbon steel and stainless steel. Other materials are available upon request.

Vortex impeller available
This recessed impeller is located out of the flow pattern. The pumping effect is performed by the vortex that the impeller generates in the slurry. The passage through the vortex pump is fully open, therefore it is especially suited for pumping fibres and similar material.

Impeller adjustment
Easily adjustable shaft allows setting of pump clearances for maximum performance.

V-belt drive
This permits simple cost-effective adjustment of pump flow rate.

Designed for severe pumping
‘STGVA’ pumps are designed for severe pumping problems of corrosion, abrasion and temperature extremes in the chemical, minerals processing, pulp and paper, brewing, food and other industries.

STGVA vertical pump

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