Increase pump ability of frothy slurry


Our rubber lined and hard metal vertical froth pumps were designed as one integrated unit for flexible layout and simple installation.

  • The pump, pump sump and driver are integrated in one self contained unit.
  • Simple to install and connect.
  • No alignment or special foundations needed.
  • The design ensures minimum maintenance and eliminates any requirement for water flushing.
  • Impeller clearance is maintained by external axial adjustment of the shaft/bearing assembly.


The concept behind the conical froth pump is to avoid pumping air and to separate as much air as possible from the slurry before it reaches the pump impeller.

  • Integrated unit for layout flexibility
  • Smooth operation of the open vortex created in the sump and vertical "wet end" inlet prevents air locking
  • Cantilever design does not require submerged bearings or shaft seals
  • Bearing assembly with double protection sealing arrangement to prevent ingress of slurry
  • Wear parts are available in a variety of different materials
  • Simplified maintenance

How it works

Air is separated from the slurry in a vortex created by the impeller rotation and the tangential inlet to the pump ’s conical sump.

The heavy vortex inside the tank separates the froth slurry. The high rate of shear in the slurry separates the air bubbles. The solids are thrown out by the centrifugal forces and the air bubbles are forced into the vortex and escape up through the vortex finder.

This results in more efficient pumping at higher capacities and a smooth operation, free from pulsations caused by airlocking.


Flow rates to 1 500 m3/h - 6 000 USGPM

Heads up to 20 m - 70 ft

Sala series of vertical froth pumps - English Download
Slurry pump basic handbook - English Download

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