One of the toughest pumps on the market


All Metso's sump pumps are designed specifically for abrasive slurries and feature robust design with ease of maintenance. Developed from the previous SALA sump pump and the VASA G model, the Metso type VS is the next generation of heavy duty sump pumps.

  • Various materials including synthetic rubbers, and polyurethane.
  • "Wet end" types S, A, W and C
  • Base Plate / Mounting Plate and Discharge Piping
  • Suction Pipe / Strainer
  • Extended Frame
  • Drive options
    • Standard vertically mounted, shaft up
    • Elevated motor mounting
    • Direct in line drive


  • Simple installation
  • Cantilever design without submerged bearings or shaft seal
  • Bearing assembly with double protection sealing arrangement to prevent ingress of slurry
  • Materials used are the very best available, providing both excellent wear properties and corrosion resistance
  • Wear parts are available in a variety of different materials and fully interchangeable
  • Range of impeller options

Visit 3D models for slurry pumps to access pump models and assemblies in downloadable format.


Type O - The semi open impeller provides better solids handling than the closed impeller design.

Type W - Vortex induced flow impeller for cloggless pumping of long fibrous or coarse solids.

Type WFR - Fully recessed induced vortex impeller, specifically designed for carbon transfer in gold leaching processes.

Type C - Closed impeller for higher heads and efficiencies.

Type A - Semi-open impeller and robust extended shaft with a slurry agitator.

Type S - Pump casing with spray holes.

VSMM and VSHM impeller types

We have developed a fully recessed induced vortex impeller for the VSHMM pumps. This is specifically designed for carbon transfer in gold leaching processes because it provides the lowest possible attrition of the pumped active carbon particles.


Flowrates to 1 500 m3/h - 6 000 USGPM

Heads up to 40 m - 130 ft

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