Simple maintenance and robust design


Metso is now introducing the next generation of integrated vertical tank pumps VT, developed from the previous SALA tank pump SPV.

  • “Wet End” materials as option
  • Open or closed impellers
  • Rubber lined tank and shaft for wear protection
  • All rubber lined acid duty version
  • Tank cover


  • Integrated unit for layout flexibility
  • Smooth operation of open sump and vertical inlet which prevents air locking
  • Cantilever design without submerged bearings or shaft seals
  • Bearing assembly with double protection sealing arrangement to prevent ingress of slurry
  • Wear parts are available in a variety of different materials and are fully interchangeable
  • Simplified maintenance features

Wear parts design features

  • Layout Flexibility
  • Smooth operation
  • Cantilever design
  • Bearing assembly
  • Impeller options
    • Type O: semi open
    • Type C: closed

Flowrates to 600 m3/h - 2 500 usgpm

Heads up to 30 m - 100 ft

Sala series of vertical tank pumps - English Download

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