Optimal for dewatering of slag and mill scales


  • Separate bolted assembly details designed for easy erection
  • No assembly welding at erection
  • No after work such as painting
  • Easy erected components prepared with fixed lifting points
  • One inclined plate package with straight vertical fit
  • Part dimensions suitable for 40’ container transport


  • Competitive price
  • Assembly and installation friendly
  • Fewer components
  • New inclined plate pack design
  • High strength
  • ”Self supporting”

Process overview

Metso's spiral dewaterer consists basically of an open trough with arrangements for collection of the products. The inlet flow is evenly spread out by means of a feed distributor. Coarse material settles and is continuously removed by means of the transport spiral. The material will be dewatered by drainage in the upper part of the spiral before discharge. The discharge launder for the dewatered material is easily adjusted between two positions, allowing alternative discharge into two separate bins. The clarified water passes an overflow weir which is adjusted at start-up to give even distribution of flow over the full width of the trough. A baffle plate will prevent floating materials from being drawn by the clarified water discharge.

Spiral dewaterer model SDC

Metso spiral dewaterer model SDC is a robust evolution of the spiral classifier for reliable operations in mill scale handling. The spiral dewaterer with special designed spiral and enlarge pool area is able to handle large flows of effluents, offering a well dewatered mill scale product and a clear overflow (typically 100 ppm).

Brochure Spiral Dewaterers - English Download
Brochure Spiral Dewaterers - Swedish Download
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Brochure Spiral Dewaterers - Chinese Download
Technical specification Spiral Dewaterer - English Download

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